David Rolland Dobson, PhD, left this lifetime on February 22, 2008. He was a brilliant man in the field of the mind, human behavior, and Other Than Conscious Communication™. Dave was an amazing, effective Hypnotherapist.He is remembered and honored by many whom he helped and who loved him.

He founded the concepts in OTCC (Other Than Conscious Communication™) and NFP (No Fault Psychology™) He created a tremendous archive of his work in written, audio and video formats.

As his life and professional partner, I will continue to make his work available to all who are interested. Some of his work is available at the Excellence Quest website.


Barbara J Stepp

In honor of Dave, we have retained the remainder of the OTCC website as it was the last time he edited it, on September 10, 2007.


OTCC-Other Than Conscious Communication

Home of the Original BEACH-TAPE©. Order Your Copy Here!
           Well now we can claim Seventy Seven trips around the sun!

There was a moment where it didn't look like I would finish this trip. My heart decided to stage a "lay-down" strike. Thanks to Barbara, Mick and Eddie her grandsons together with Tama and Scott, a good friend. I was ushered to the hospital and was given the opportunity to re-negotiate the strike.

My physical situation is improving and that is what will determine what I do in the future.  I am currently seeing private clients. Barbara Stepp, my life partner is the one to contact for more information.

The latest version of the Beach Trip, which has the "induction" & the constructed metaphor, is now available on MP4.

Hope to hear from you soon! Enjoy!



As of this writing, Dave is available for private clients and small groups here in our home in Friday Harbor. He enjoys providing these learning opportunities and will continue to do so as long as his health permits.

Any specific questions concerning appointments for private sessions or arrangements for a group program, please E-mail Barbara Stepp by clicking here.



The name, "Other Than Conscious Communication" says it all !

Literally, every thing we do, the way we do it, constitutes our communication. As John Grinder is fond of saying, "You can not, not communicate". It has also been said that only a small percentage of our communication is verbal, that a far greater aspect of our communication is"non verbal" or “outside of conscious awareness”.

Since the turn of the century, or the beginning tot the industrial revolution, our society and our schools have focused more and more attention on the written and spoken word virtually ignoring the aspects of behavior that resisted codification.

From time to time, there have been efforts to recognize the other aspects of our communication process, such as appreciation of an animals"territorial imperatives" and "body language", but there refinements of the different "modalities" has been virtually ignored and even when it is respected through the teachings of "Neuro-lingguistic" structures such as NLP, the overall appreciation of the total communication is not appreciated.

Other Than Conscious Communication is real. It can be consciously validated, appreciated, and with this appreciation frees the individual to be even more courteous at both the conscious and other than conscious levels of communication.


David R. Dobson, Ph.D.

Dave comes from a background that includes both business,a private practice of Clinical Hypnotherapy, and psychotherapy that spans more than 45 years in Los Angeles and the west coast.

His business background includes: owner and manager of a highly successful executive search firm, and division manager and director of sales for an international plastics company, with a sales force of over 200 people.

These experiences and his need to find models of communication that work, led him to the development of concepts that he calls "Other Than Conscious Communication," which is an outgrowth of his model of psychology that he calls "No Fault Psychology."

Since his move to the San Juan Islands in 1977, he has traveled well over a million miles conducting seminars and trainings throughout North America and Europe, and his concepts which transcend traditional communication and psychological models have become highly respected tools for personal growth both in the mental health fields and the corporate community.

"During my 25 years of experience teaching psychotherapy to psychiatry residents, I have had the opportunity to witness many different teaching and therapeutic approaches...and the good fortune to have worked with Dr. Milton Erickson.

Dr. Dobson, who devised his use of metaphor and hypnotherapy independently of Dr. Erickson, is strikingly similar in his approach. His sincerity and dedication to effective work...along with the creativeness of the approaches he has developed in hypnotherapy make the time with him well spent."

Arthur S. Samuels, M.D.
Professor, Tulane University


Why does he call them

It is Dave's contention that "learning should be FUN, not work!"

Once upon a time, we all found learning a fun-filled experience. This program takes up where our amateur parents, school systems and society left off. It is truly a continuing education program for everyone. (Please refer to the comments of previous students below on this page).



What People Who Have Attended Are Saying

"There are more ways to utilize and benefit from Dave’s work than people have begun to dream of. The increased personal capacity for handling difficult situations with poise , grace (who ever she is) and humor is a delight in itself. But that pales into insignificance compared to the joy of playing with your own mind. You might like to see how I utilize Dave's stuff when handling large complex messy social and technical problems - if so click here at www.TooSerious.com but if you want a laugh go to the joke tree".

Clifford Saunders,Ph.D.
Too Serious un Limited
Toronto, Canada


"The special gift of a Dave Dobson Funshop is that I attended it in 1987 and its value still keeps on showing up in my life no matter what the endeavor. It was an investment of time and tuition that keeps on paying dividends."

Mark Thomas
Fredonia, N.Y.


"If you have ever felt that there are times when you are your own worst enemy, this work/fun-shop gives you the way to stop your foot before you put it in your mouth...this (material) is not for therapists, social workers, carpenters nor any other professions...

Michael Swords
Information Analyst
Ministry Support and Services
Kars, Ontario


"I can truthfully say this experience has changed my life forever! I wholeheartedly recommend (it) to anyone interested in improving their communication skills both professionally and socially."

Robert Johnson
Past President, Minnesota Trial Lawyers Association
Minneapolis, MN




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